Healthy Diet

We all know how important health is. To become successful in life we need health, wealth, and happiness. Let’s talk about the health part of this article. Previously there was not much discussion about health and not many health problems occurred in the past. Nowadays health has become a huge, multimillion industry and has taken a variety of forms in this modern day. This huge change is due to the change in lifestyle and the food we consume. If you do good exercise and eat good food, 90% of your illnesses will disappear. Doing a 30 – 45 min exercise a day is good enough, then what about the food part. We know there are different nutrients like vitamins, proteins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, and much more to consume every day. What is the right proportion to eat? How many carbohydrates are enough a day? Are calories a good thing? What is the body fat percent should a person maintain? 

           To be frank one does not need to answer these questions if he wants to be healthy. You can improve your health just by keeping a balanced diet which includes eating foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. This also includes a source of protein along with fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

What are calories?

Calories are just the amount of energy that you get when you eat a particular type of food. Once the food is eaten, it is digested and converted into energy called calories. When you do any activity like walking breathing or even thinking these calories are consumed. On average a full-grown male might require 2000 calories a day and a female might require 1700 calories a day. Generally, the number of calories that a person uses may depend on their gender, age, and physical activity on top of that men need more calories than women due to the higher BMR rate in men. People who exercise a lot require more calories in comparison to people who don’t as their energy expenditure is more. It is very important to remember that quality food is as important as the quantity of food you consume. Stuffing your food with empty calories, i.e. foods that contain a lot of calories nut do not any nutritional value. Empty calories can be found in foods such as Sugar, Butter, Cookies, Cakes, Energy drinks, Ice cream, Pizza.

The way towards good health:- 

Changing a habit is a difficult thing to do but it is surely a rewarding thing. So focus on small changes first. One such benefit is, there might be some diseases that will change depending on the food you consume. So having good food will be a beneficial factor to you. Common illnesses like lactose intolerance, kidney disease, and a few more can be solved by just switching to a healthier diet. Below are suggestions to improve your health. Be in touch with your doctor to know the effects of your diet change

  • You need to answer simple questions like, are you eating 4-5 cups of vegetables every day? Do you eat wholegrain and fibrous foods? Do get enough calcium from foods? If you are eating all these in your diet, then it’s good, otherwise, add these to your diet.

· Maintain a record of what you are consuming every day. With this, you can keep track of the food you eat and make the necessary changes so that you reach the desired goal.

  • If you are still not able to find any results, consider consulting a dietician.

Unhealthy fat is the most common component in today’s diet pattern, so cutting down on it will benefit almost anybody. Mostly animal-based foods contain unhealthy fat/bad fat. Dark chicken meat; poultry skin; fatty cuts of pork, beef, and lamb, and dairy products that are very high in fat are some of the unhealthy products.

Follow these below tips to cut down bad fats:-

  • Boil the meat instead of frying it. If you don’t like boiled ones, try to bake or grill them. Removing the skin before cooking chicken or turkey will remove the bad fats from the food. Eat fish at least once a week as fish has some good fats.
  • Reduce extra fat that you add on foods like salad toppings, butter, jams, chicken sauce, etc.
  • Read the nutrition labels on foods and decide whether to buy them or not. Consult with your doctor or dietician to get the right foods for you.
  • Sometimes you want to eat outside food, in such cases eat in a limited quantity and beware of the hidden fats.
  • Staying hydrated is important for good health. This does not mean you chug on cool drinks every time you are thirsty. Artificially sweetened drinks add a lot of sugar and unwanted calories to your diet. This includes fruit juice, sweetened or flavoured milk, sports drink, etc. Instead of that, try to have some zero or low-calorie drinks.

Importance of healthy lifestyle:-

  • Along with cutting down on bad foods, you should adapt to eating good foods too. Some healthy habits that you can adopt are: 
  • Eat smaller portions – Though it is a psychological fact, it works. Eat your food in small bowels to trick your brain to think that it is eating a large quantity. 
  • Don’t stuff food in your mouth – Chew your food slowly to make your brain feel that you are eating a lot of food. Your stomach sends signals slowly after consuming the food 
  • Cut down on snacks – Unhealthy snacks will give you unnecessary calories and prevent you to eat rich nutritious food. 
  • Curb emotional eating – Some people are habituated to eat tasty foods whenever they are sad or depressed to beat the loneliness. This will affect their health in a very bad way. There are other ways to get out of sadness.