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CHAVAN Hospital is one of the best Cardiology Hospitals in Hyderabad offering advanced cardiac treatment and care for all types of cardiac problems. Our cardiac hospital offers a wide range of multidisciplinary care to patients with several heart illnesses by the best cardiologists and cardiac surgeons. Patients will be concerned by Our doctors, nurses, technicians, and heart specialists. A team of interventional cardiologists will assist and ensure a quicker recovery from all your cardiac problems. Our services include medical diagnosis and treatment of coronary artery disease, congenital heart defects, heart failure, heart disease, and electrophysiology. Denizens tend to just ignore conditions like shortness of breath, and dizziness until we experience further complications. Sometimes, it may be some problems affecting the heart. Some other times the symptoms go to the next level like growing chest pains, or changes in heart rhythm. It is the time you don't need to be alarmed but consult a cardiologist instead.

At Chavan Hospital, we have a team of cardiologists who work in conjunction with other departments treating cardiovascular diseases.


Inmates at home or someone you know may be showing symptoms like frequency in dizziness, fatigue, restlessness, nausea, difficulty in breathing, chest pain, fast heartbeat and changes in sleep patterns. With rising age, the risk factor of heart failures also increases. If one feels lasting pain in the centre of heart, then he/she should be careful and reach the cardiologist at the earliest.

If one has high levels of bad cholesterol, it can lead to CHD (coronary heart disease). On the other hand, if one has low bad cholesterol also, there is always a risk of CHD. This is the time one should consult a cardiologist.

Doctor to Consultant


Specifically speaking, heart and blood vessels develop disorders due to reasons like lifestyle changes, sedentary life, lack of physical activities, alcoholism etc. People with high cholesterol face the risk plaque in arteries that needs medication. An experienced cardiologist will tell you about heart-healthy foods to reduce the chances of diseases. High BP forces the heart to work harder for blood circulation.

Sometimes diabetes affects blood vessels' function and other times it is poor functioning of kidneys. Only an experienced cardiologist can suggest preventive measures. Peripheral arterial diseases can also lead to heart disease. A grey pallor in the face can be a symptom of a heart attack. If blood clot forms in coronary arteries it can lead to heart complications.


Only a physical examination can diagnose weak pulses. ABI (ankle-brachial index) helps to diagnose PAD (peripheral artery disease). Similarly, magnetic resonance angiography also helps in diagnosing PAD. Apart from this, we also conduct blood tests to measure cholesterol and triglycerides. ECG tests detect irregularities in the heart's rhythm and the stress test helps to monitor the heart.

Other than the important diagnosis above, we do conduct a positron emission tomography (PET) scan that throws light on the blood flowing from coronary arteries to the heart muscle.


Our cardiologists do surgeries like inserting a pacemaker, performing angioplasty and catheterizations. They also treat incidences like heart failure, heart attack, or other heart problems. Depending on the conditions, they recommend heart surgery, heart catheterization, angioplasty and stenting. Our cardiologists suggest surgical procedures like coronary bypass surgery, stent replacement, and laser surgery for various complications. Explore the relevant treatment for your heart concerns. Please reach our cardiologists.